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Contact us
  Bookings - like most bands we have a number of bookings and other commitments, so the   earlier the contact via email or phone the more likely we will be able to arrange a booking. We would encourage you to phone as it is usually easier to get a clear picture of your requirements and what we need to do to meet them. We are always happy to adapt our offer to ensure that it is suitable for the event you have in mind.
To view our Stage Plan please go to MP Stage Plans.pdf
To view our Workshops for Festivals list please go to MP Workshops list.doc
For High resolution photos please download/copy to desktop from here, or here .
More details about Malthouse Passage - we also have a MySpace site   (www.myspace.com/malthousepassage) with more music samples and our gig list.
 To buy one of our CDs please click on the link on the Albums page.