New Rigged Ship and Trip to Durrow - two lively tunes from Shetland and Ireland

Seasons - song written by Alan Courtney whilst walking the Malvern Hills Ridge
Cranes - Alan Courtney song about the Verdun WW1 battlefield ove an rflown by European Cranes

We play a VERY wide range of music from medieval times right through to the 21st century, mostly featuring Traditional and original songs, and English, Celtic and European tunes. We have two distinct repertoires - one for concerts for festivals, clubs and other venues, and another for ceilidhs and barn dances. Here are some samples from our Concert / Festival repertoire - some from the Album ‘Over a Barrel’ (see Albums page).

We have played at many festivals including Wychwood, Bromyard, Chipppenham, Cheltenham, Upton, Saul,  Westfest and St.Etienne and Lalinde in France.

Aye Waukin’ O’ - classic song of love and regret by Robbie Burns - preceded by an old Molly tune from Norfolk

Weathercock - Jethro Tull song performed at  the Chippenham National Folk Festival

Waiting for the TGV - A  Dave Young tune performed at the Chippenham National Folk Festival
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