About us - the musicians and singers in Malthouse Passage are:

Lisa Warburton - Hammered Dulcimer, Percussion, Vocals. Lisa started playing on guitar, bodhran

and an array of percussion instruments in Welsh and Irish pub sessions. When she heard the

hammered dulcimer, she knew she'd found her musical soul mate and has become a virtuoso. She's

worked for a national Folk Roots  music magazine and played in many bands before Malthouse Passage.

Dave Young - Melodeon, Anglo Concertina, Whistle.  When 18,  Dave came across Morris dancers 
outside a pub. He joined them as a dancer and learned the melodeon and concertina. He played in 
many bands in the South East of England, writes some great tunes, can lift any music session and has 
a terrific feel for the music. He also plays with Dave Bordewey http://folk-music-bordewey-young.co.ukhttp://folk-music-bordewey-young.co.ukhttp://folk-music-bordewey-young.co.ukshapeimage_2_link_0
Cathy Rollo - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Recorders, Whistles.  Brought up on classical music, she 
discovered folk sessions in her 30's, has played for Womens' Traditional Dancers, and in Vital Spark 
West Gallery Choir. Her instinctive approach brings wonderful sounds and  harmonies to the band. She
 also performs with barn dance band Gordon the Hedgehog  http://www.catfiddle.co.uk/GordHoghttp://www.catfiddle.co.uk/GordHoghttp://www.catfiddle.co.uk/GordHogshapeimage_3_link_0
Nick Simon - Bass and Acoustic Guitars, Cuatro and Vocals. Nick was born in 1958 and possibly again in 1974 due to interesting chemical 'influences'. Nick is a great bass player, drawing on his vast experience as a professional musician for over 30 years,   with various Rock bands in the UK, Scandinavia, Germany,France and Japan. He plays with  cracking Worcester Irish band Hagglebag http://www.myspace.com/hagglebaghttp://www.myspace.com/hagglebaghttp://www.myspace.com/hagglebagshapeimage_4_link_0
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